Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Faux Siege in Oregon Gets Real and How ISIS of Cliven Bundy

We're just trying to figure out how a dead cowboy equals a peaceful resolution.

Jason Patrick, one of the remaining occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Mr. Patrick would be referring to the late, Robert, "Lavoy," Finicum who, prior to Tuesday's confrontation with federal and state law enforcement officials, told NBC News he'd rather die than go to prison. He had also promised Oregon Public Broadcasting the endangered bird habitat and Native American sacred sites his group had taken over would never be returned to the federal government, "ever."

Until yesterday afternoon, thanks in large part to the fed's reluctance to force any sort of confrontation with the armed yahoos behind the take over at Malheur, he must have felt pretty confident about his promise. After all, members of the group, headed by Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan had been allowed to run all over Harney County, OR and beyond at will.

That's right. The whole laid back affair was so bizarre that for weeks sympathizers have been left free to deliver food to the rubes holed up at Malheur. Meanwhile members of the group were able to drive into Burns, OR, 30 miles away so they could pick up what amounted to care packages mailed to the post office in order to aid them, or, in some cases, ridicule their notion of, The American Way. Yes, since the occupation began on January 2nd it appeared this particular platoon of the wild west mujahideen had the bull by the horns, so to speak.

All that ended a little after 4pm local time yesterday on a stretch of U.S. Highway 395. The Bundy's, Finicum, and two others had departed the refuge to attend what was billed as a community meeting in John Day, OR about 100 miles away.

According to reports they made it about half way there when agents of the FBI and members of the Oregon state police stopped them. The feds are still a bit vague on the details, but apparently, the always armed, Finicum and Ryan Bundy refused to surrender. At this time no one is saying who opened fire first, but by the time it was over Finicum got his wish. He died before going to jail.

A second person was slightly wounded in the confrontation. Ryan Bundy has been named as the most likely candidate. The suspects, Ammon and Ryan included, were hauled off to the slammer and now face charges of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from performing their official duties through force, intimidation, or threats.

Two additional people were arrested in Burns and a third was picked up in Arizona.

The question of how many armed extremists are left at Malheur is up in the air. When asked, Brother Patrick, fully aware his situation is rapidly deteriorating, refused to give out that intel to the media.

What we do know is the authorities, recently chastised for their inaction by state Governor, Kate Brown, have sealed off all the roads leading into the refuge and are promising to arrest anyone trying to get in.

Yes, it appears the faux siege has finally turned into the real thing and now names are being taken and asses are being kicked.

It's about time.

When these yokels say they want all western federal property to revert to its original owners, they aren't talking about Native Americans who actually have a legal and moral claim to it. They're yakking about white ranchers--you know--them. Or, to put it another way, a ruthless gaggle of would be land barons who weren't around southeast Oregon, or other places until the United States government--the same one they say they hate--forced all the aboriginal people out of their homes and into over sized concentration camps.

As should be expected, the Godfather of this bunch of outback holy warriors, Cliven Bundy issued a statement via social media. It said, "Now we've got one killed and all I can say is he's sacrificed for a good purpose."

How very ISIS of him.

But then, hey, what would you expect from a guy who firmly believes he is the final authority on everything from history, to constitutional law, and race relations.


sic vita est


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  1. I don't know what to say about this one, except to point out that stupidity cannot be overcome by calm and reason.