Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Candi Kinney Expects a Rush, Sheriff John Hanlin and Crisis Actors, Then, Finally, Maykayla Dyer and a Puppy

Candi Kinney owns a store that sells guns and ammunition in Roseburg, Oregon. At the front of it is a large cut out of Barack Obama, his head draped with an Arab style headdress while a sign is pasted on his chest which says, "Gun Salesman of the Year."

Right after Thursday's mass shooting at Umpqua Community College, which is also located in Roseburg, she was asked what she thought the public's immediate response would be. Her answer was, "(There's) always a rush after a big shooting."

Well, no one has ever accused capitalists of being warm, fuzzy types. And, as we all know by now, no one will ever portray the gun fetish crowd of not being a herd of paranoid fools: one periodically stampeded into stores like, Kinney's by the fearful fantasy that Barack H. Obama is going to take away their precious, if deadly, toys.

Of course those of us with functioning brains know that won't ever happen. We've known it since late 2012. Let's face it, if the President of the United States of America couldn't get a single piece of gun control legislation passed after the nightmare in Newtown, Connecticut he never will.

Fortunately for Candi Kinney's bottom line you'll never be able to convince the gotta have a gun crowd of it. To a sizable number of them the government is a vast bureaucracy of incredibly adept conspirators willing and able to perpetrate any sort of nefarious secret operation in order to influence public opinion. In their minds there is no telling when the terrible hammer of gun control will come down.

All of which brings us to Douglas County, OR Sheriff, John Hanlin. He would be the official who is in charge of the investigation into the Umpqua campus murders. Not long after the shooting in Newtown he posted a letter addressed to Vice President, Joe Biden on his Facebook page. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, it read in part, "Gun control is not the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings." Hanlin also told Biden he didn't plan on enforcing any laws which he found unconstitutional and his deputies wouldn't either.

While promising to become his own version of the American Supreme Court, around the same time Hanlin also posted a video on his Facebook page with the caption, "This makes me wonder who we can trust any more. Watch, listen, and keep an open mind." The title of the You Tube entry was called, "The Sandy Hook Shooting--Fully Exposed." The person behind the video goes by the entirely credible screen name, xBlackxOpsxSecretsx.

The opening minutes of it uses a clip from an Alex Jones' InfoWars broadcast. The footage appears to admit a shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that horrible December morning. However, it contends that besides Adam Lanza, there was at least one and possibly two additional shooters. This is known by my generation as the JFK scenario..

As you can imagine it goes downhill from there. After a brief side trip to the, How Many Guns Were Used and Where Were They Found Kiosk, the video dives straight into the dark, deep end of the, this shit never happened pool. It ends with suspicious notions about emergency management teams conducting drills on the same days of the London, UK subway bombing and the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

It is unclear at this time whether Sheriff Hanlin believes the friends and families of the victims in Roseburg are what is known in the conspiracy theory trade as crisis actors, or not. We do know he has deleted the Facebook post about the Newtown massacre. He's also told CNN, "...that's not a conspiracy I believe in." Which, of course, begs the questions, why did you post it in the first place and exactly which conspiracy theories do you believe in?

We also know he abruptly cut off an ATF agent during a press conference while she was trying to tell the media where all of Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer's guns came from. It would seem Sheriff Hanlin doesn't want to muddy up the waters of a mass murder by identifying the sources of the tools used to commit it.

Perhaps he should visit with one of his constituents, Candi Kinney. After all, she knows broadcasting such information is great for business. Not to mention she is a potential contributor to Hanlin's next election campaign, if she isn't already.

In the meantime, on Saturday, over in White Plains, Tennessee, eight year old Maykala Dyer was shot in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun. Her killer was an 11 year old boy. According to authorities he murdered her because she wouldn't show him her new puppy.

The weapon belonged to his father.

Ah yes, freedom.


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