Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Tragic Irony

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A man identified by the press as the manager of a gun store called, "Shooters Choice." He was responding to a question about Dylann Roof's alleged purchase of a hand gun from the establishment in April.

Well he really didn't need to. The ugly truth is tumbling out now.

The weapon the deadly little twist bought was a Glock .45 caliber semi automatic. It is one of those guns you can shoot as fast as you can twitch your finger. If you run out of ammunition, before victims, you simply push a button to let the empty magazine fall out of the hollow grip. Then, in an instant, you can jam a loaded one in and voila,  you're free to start twitching your finger again.  He walked into the store on April 11th of this year, eight days after his 21st birthday. Under normal circumstances, since he was chronically unemployed and broke, he would have never been able to buy it, but his parents gave him cash for his 21st birthday which enabled him to make the purchase.

He had been indicted for possession of a controlled substance two months earlier, but because the charge was a misdemeanor rather than a felony and it was still pending, the transaction was perfectly legal.

As we learn the details of this latest horror, it is increasingly apparent young Mr. Roof had been traveling the dark and winding slope down the rabbit hole for a while. The AP is reporting that last August he began posting on a white supremacist site known as The Daily Stormer. His screen name was, Aryanblood1488. For those of you not up to speed on white supremacist/neo Nazi cryptology, the number 1 can be interpreted as "I" and 4 as "For." 88 is the number which  translates as Heil Hitler, because the letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

While posting on The Daily Stormer, Aryanblood1488 claimed he had googled the term, "black on white crime" and had come across the web site of The Council of Conservative Citizens. He wrote that the CofCC site enlightened him to just how desperate the situation was for white people in America.

In February of this year Roof, or someone working with him, established a web site. One entry features a photo of him, taken by an unknown person, burning an American flag. Later on, other undated pictures show him holding a replica of the confederate battle flag while brandishing his newly bought Glock.

The written manifesto which accompanied the photos, while lightly peppered with typos and grammatical errors, contains language suspiciously sophisticated for a guy who twice failed the 9th grade, then dropped out of school altogether. That's not to say he didn't write it, but someone else did take those photos, so it could be reasonably argued he had a ghost writer working with him.

Does this conspiratorial stuff mean he didn't do it? Or, that he was the victim of some sort of MK Ultra hoo doo mind control perpetrated by the federal government? Hardly.

It does, however, mean he isn't the only sick fuck out there who either has a gun, or access to one. It also means there are a lot of evil minds who would love to commit a Charleston like atrocity, if not in person, at least by proxy. Yes, there are scads of savagely racist beasts running around this country and in these last days of white rule in America, they are becoming increasingly desperate and unhinged. There is no act too vile for them to either commit, or actively support.

Despite this gruesome affront and all the monsters swirling around them, the citizens of Charleston, SC have refused to give into hate. It is highly unlikely, Dylann Roof, as he sits in his jail cell, will ever figure out why.

That's the tragic irony which always accompanies nightmares such as these.   

In the end there can be no doubt, because of his racist bullshit, Dylann Storm Roof walked into that church last week utterly convinced the Christians kneeling in prayer before him were just as rotten and dangerous as he is. And, ultimately, despite his moment of doubt when those good people welcomed him, that's why he opened fire.

sic vita est


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