Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Islamic State: We Never Cease to Amaze

It remains unclear why large numbers of the human species periodically go off their collective nut and become raging monsters. Let's face it, this terrible phenomenon isn't restricted to some dark era of our history, one tribe, ethnic group, nation, or religion. All of us, at some point, have tried to build an empire and eliminate those standing in the way by the most savage means available.
You'd think we'd grow out of it. Hey, we can fly people into outer space and send fantastic machines to the furthest reaches of the solar system, but we still can't rid ourselves of that reptilian core of the brain. It is there and as Morrison once sang, it's "squirming like a toad." Then when some of us, for whatever reason, tap into it, we become as remorseless as the most ravenous beasts lurking in the fields and under the seas. The difference being we aren't doing it for food, we're in it for the fun.
The latest incarnation of this evil is known as IS, or ISIS. They're using Islam as their excuse, but most reasonable people understand if it wasn't Islam, it would be something else, anything else. As someone once said, excuses are like assholes--everybody has one.
Today they released a video which showed the execution of Moath al-Kasaesbeh, a Jordanian air force officer. Apparently fearing the number of views would sag if they simply beheaded al-Kasaesbeh--because, as their media experts know, people grow bored easily and cutting off someone's head is becoming a bit passé--they put him into a cage and set him on fire. After he collapsed in flames they buried the cage, his remains still in it, with rocks and debris, then flattened the whole execution site with a tractor.
The video was not only meant to terrify those of us who consider ourselves viably human, but attract fellow psychopathic sadists to their cause. That's right--if you like crucifixions, beheadings, and burning people alive, WE WANT YOU!
The details, as always, remain fuzzy. According to Reuters, as late as last week the government of King Abdullah was saying they would trade a woman involved in a 2005 Amman suicide bombing for their pilot. However, they must of known something was amiss. While willing to make the swap, the Jordanians began demanding proof al-Kasaesbeh was still alive. Today they said he was killed a month ago. It is uncertain how and when they found out the date of his murder. 
We do know IS wanted the Japanese to somehow convince the Jordanians to release the same woman in a prisoner exchange in order for them to spare journalist Kenji Goto's life. It is now obvious they went to the Japanese with the offer rather than respond to Jordan, because they knew al-Kasaebeh was already dead. When the ruse didn't work they beheaded Goto.  
The fact is Islamic State isn't a religious, or political revolution, it is a savage prison riot. There can be no telling who is really in charge of local units, or makes decisions about executions and ransom demands. The rules and regulations of West Point and Sandhurst don't exist. However the fundamentals of the chaos during the 1971 Attica Correctional Center uprising do. Then and now the truth is the guy with the biggest weapon and baddest attitude is in charge and everyone else is his bitch.     
According to an AP story one former IS fighter claims female recruits are routinely forced to have sex with male fighters. According to the disillusioned Tunisian who was interviewed, IS soldiers get around the prohibition on rape by marrying the women in the evening and divorcing them the next morning. The would be female jihadists have no say in the matter.
The same man says this about his experience, "It was totally different from what they said jihad would be like."
What a shock.
The AP says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims IS has executed at least 120 of its own people in the last six months. Most of them were foreign fighters who signed up for the great adventure then realized they'd fucked up and wanted to go home.
Well sometimes you just can't back out of a deal. Especially when you're stuck in the middle of a wild Charlie Manson style rave. 
There is no end in sight right now. IS may seem unstoppable, but if we know anything, civilization won't be forced back into some horrific middle age wet dream fueled by the desires of  a few religious loons and battalions of crazed felons.
They will be defeated. The only question is how long it will take and how many good people will be beheaded, or burned alive before it happens.
Unfortunately there is no telling, because when it comes to killing each other, we never cease to amaze.

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