Saturday, October 19, 2013

Purging the RINOS

So in that alternate universe known as the tea party, the pure of heart are rising up to challenge the treasonous Republicans In Name Only who finally acknowledged reality this past week during the budget/debt ceiling crisis. It is a motley bunch who seems to be completely out of touch with not only the polls, which show the nation quickly souring on the tea party act, but sanity itself.

Matt Bevin, who is running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, pounced on his opponent with all the subtlety of a starving jaguar. He released a video in which he said, "Now it seems Mitch McConnell has cut and run from another fight. Making deals with democrats like Harry Reid to raise the debt ceiling limit without consideration for defunding or even delaying Obamacare."

McConnell is no stranger to tough campaigns. He currently has a spot on the web which accuses Bevin of past tax problems and falsely claiming on a resume' he had attended MIT.

According to Bevin's wikipedia biography, which he probably composed himself--because it reads exactly like a campaign advertisement--the candidate graduated from Washington and Lee University, opposes bailouts, amnesty for illegal aliens, and pay increases for congress. He is president of Bevin's Manufacturing Company. They make bells.

In South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is opposed by Lee Bright. Bright accused Graham and other republicans of "surrendering." He issued a statement saying, We'll stand with Ted Cruz, we'll stand with Rand Paul, we'll stand with Mike Lee. You'll have a fourth up there fighting the battle. I'm ready to go to war."

As my youngest daughter used to say, "whatever."

Obviously it takes a special type of person to refer to himself in the imperial "we." Bright is a state senator. His signature piece of legislation to date was a bill that would have exempted all fire arms manufactured in South Carolina from any sort of federal regulation. Unfortunately the measure failed, but he has promised to reintroduce it.

In Mississippi, Thad Cochran is facing a guy named, Chris McDaniel. McDaniel was quoted as saying not only did the GOP surrender, but, "Cochran failed to stand his ground for the American people." McDaniel is a lawyer, state senator, and former right wing radio talk show host. The Jackson Free Press notes there were 62 separate updates to his wikipedia profile in the month of April alone. That would be about the same time he decided to run against Cochran.

Finally in Kansas there is the sad case of Pat Roberts. Roberts didn't even vote for ending the shutdown, but sometimes even crass stupidity isn't enough. Dr. Milton Wolf, who is running against him, notes, "Roberts has voted to raise the debt ceiling 11 times in his more than three decades in congress."

Wolf is a part time diagnostic radiologist. In his blog, he refers to himself strictly in the third person, as if some neutral journalist is writing about him.  He says he is a columnist for the Washington Times, has appeared on Fox and Friends, on the Hannity show, the Rush Limbaugh radio show, shared stages with Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin and is a "leading conservative voice in America." He also says he is Barack H. Obama's cousin and is probably the only tea party member the president knows.

Obviously the Doctor has never heard of Ted Cruz, because the president certainly knows him.

And there is the situation. The true Aryans have had it with these Trotskyite traitors. Heads will be taken and the horror of Obamacare will be defeated once and for all, even if  the economy and the nation must be burned to the ground in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

At some point this gruesome nonsense is going to end. The death twitches of white rule will ebb and we'll regain our common sense. It took a while to get through McCarthyism, and the House on Un-American Activities witch hunts, but we did. The trick is surviving until these brutes commit acts so barbaric even the most conservative of us turn away from them in shame.

Uhura, pass the beer.

Mr. Sulu, you have the con.


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