Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Dispatches: Racist Scum in Utah, A Bad Day in New York, Nuts and Guns, and Internet Love in South Bend

Terry Lee owns a business called Terry Lee Forensics. It is located in Cedar City, Utah. According to a web description his company will analyze the data on the hard drive of your computer, or the computers of your company. They will find out if someone has been checking out child porn, or emailing a secret lover somewhere. They'll also investigate cyberstalking and other unspecified internet crimes.

Terry Lee is also a raging racist sonofabitch. He posted a piece on a local newspaper web site that initially applauded some smoothie bar's policy of charging liberals more for drinks than conservatives. (It is unclear as to how the bar knows whether you're a liberal or not, unless they are going by ethnic background alone.) After cheering them on he bragged about firing two employees who had voted for the President in the last election. "We had to let two employees go to cover new Obongocare costs and increased taxes," he wrote. "Found two Obongo supporters and gave them the news yesterday. They wanted the idiot in the white house, they reap the benefits."

So much for all those tea party wretches who claim their opposition to Barak Obama has nothing to do with race. Utah, being an "at will employment" state, offers absolutely no legal recourse to the fired workers, although to be honest, in the long run they are probably better off being rid of this ruthless and despicable scum. Lee later said that his post was tongue in cheek and the employees were below average. He did not address his use of the word Obongo, which he apparently finds quite witty.

Erika Mendez used to be a homeless woman in New York City. She currently resides in some Big Apple lock up. She is the woman who pushed Sunando Sen in front of speeding subway train a couple of weeks back. In an interview with the New York Post she said she did it "because she was having a bad day." She also allowed she picked Sen out because he was a Hindu. She told the interviewer she had "been beating up Hindus and Muslims for years."

NBC News correspondent Matthew DeLuca is reporting online that mental health care professionals are worried that a recently passed New York law will prevent people from seeking the help of psychiatrists. The theory is that people who own guns might avoid seeking counseling because they are afraid the therapist will report them as having violent thoughts to the authorities. That would give police probable cause to confiscate their weapons. In other words, if I'm thinking about killing a bunch of people with my AR15 I shouldn't tell a shrink. The freshly minted New York legislation can, in some instances, hold therapists legally responsible for not reporting the dark urges of their patients. One is reminded of an exchange in the original movie version of "In Cold Blood." The Perry Smith character is asked by Truman Capote, "If you knew you were still sick, why didn't you tell the Doctors in the mental institute?" The response was, "If I had they wouldn't have let me out."


And finally, Manti Te'o was interviewed by the dreadfully serious Jeremy Schaap on ESPN radio. Te'o, the Notre Dame All American linebacker and Heisman Trophy runner up, says he was completely duped by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, another guy and a girl into believing he'd met a terribly tragic figure named Lennay Kekua on line. According to reports the woman told him she'd barely survived a car wreck and that she suffered from leukemia. Te'o says they built "an electronic romance" even though he'd never met the woman face to face. He claims that when he contacted her via Skype and video phone her picture was always blocked. Despite these odd and one would think, obvious signs that something was a bit off, he fell in love with her. Te'o claims he told his parents and the public he had met the girl in person because he was"uncomfortable" about letting everyone know it was strictly an online romance. I don't blame you, Manti, because most people who fall for this sort of scam are like twelve years old.

Internet chat rooms, certainly a reliable source of the truth, are full of people claiming Te'o is trying to hide the fact he is a homosexual from his family, friends and fans. There is absolutely no evidence of that right now, but who knows. The whole bizarre affair reeks of blunt stupidity, crass exploitation, and cruelty.

The only thing certain at this point is that, despite widespread reports the woman finally did die this past autumn of her leukemia, it has been proven she never existed at all. It is also painfully obvious that none of the so called mainstream media ever fully investigated Te'os tale of a modern day "Romeo and Juliet" star crossed love. It took Dead Spin to figure out it was all bullshit. So much for the sporting press and American journalism as a whole.

Onward to Sunday and thankfully the morning wafer and sip of wine.

Over and out.



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