Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut: Day Two and What We Know

We now know that much of what we were told yesterday by multiple media sources was wrong. Foremost is the Newtown, Connecticut murderer wasn't Ryan Lanza, but his brother Adam. We also know Adam Lanza's first victim was his mother and she was killed at her home and not at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. He shot her in the face, making identification difficult and the killing extremely personal, but then what would you expect from a loving son. It has been disclosed Mrs. Lanza was not a full time employee of the school district, but she may have substituted for teachers at times, or been a volunteer, but even that is speculation and it could well be she had no connection whatsoever with the school.

We do know that Adam Lanza used weapons which were owned by his mother and some of her friends described her as an avid gun person who enjoyed going to shooting ranges. On some of her trips to pop off a few rounds she would take both her sons with her. What is now tragically obvious is that Adam had a real talent for the sport. MSNBC reports a relative said Mrs. Lanza, as a single mother,  wanted guns in the home for self protection. So we also know how well how that worked out for her.

The shooter has been described by various sources as brilliant, or at least very bright, but troubled and may have suffered from a mild form of autism. He was home schooled for awhile, however when he did attend a public institution of education classmates described him as a loner, who didn't want to attract attention to himself. Does any of this sound familiar?

Back in 1995 when Timmy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building here in Oklahoma City he knew there was a day care center on the ground floor and children would be killed. However, after he lit the fuse he ran away and didn't have to see the carnage he wrought. Adam Lanza walked into a couple of class rooms and looked into the wide eyes of babies and then shot them with cold blooded precision and efficiency. He was, indeed, a different breed of cat.

There are reports, rumors really, that Lanza had an altercation at the school with some of the staff the day before the massacre. This wasn't a spur of the moment, fit of white hot anger, type of thing though. Apparently he tried to buy a rifle at a sporting goods store on Tuesday, but because of Connecticut's gun purchase waiting period he left without completing the transaction. Obviously he was already committed to carrying out horrifying mayhem.

The dead have been identified and the media is awaiting their names. The citizens of Newtown, Connecticut, even those who aren't parents have, in all probability, moved from the initial rush of shock and disbelief, into that grim and oppressive feeling of utter violation and depression. It is only going to get worse as the Christmas season in their community is filled not with joy and good cheer, but a terrible parade of funerals.

There are two other things we know right now. One is that somewhere on this world wide web, a tea party asshole is claiming the entire tragedy was staged by the Obama administration so he could crack down on gun ownership. I promise you it is out there this very moment. What I can also promise you is that another Adam Lanza is buying guns and ammo as I type. He is investing in black clothing and deciding where he can inflict the highest number of casualties and cause the greatest amount of shock and pain. Merchants won't question his motives for wanting an AR15, or a 100 round drum magazine. Lets face it, a sale is a sale. Besides, we're not a bunch of Communists for God's sake. America is, after all, a free country.

Can't you tell?


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