Friday, June 15, 2012

Sheldon Doubles Down, The Tickle Monster and More

Sheldon Adelson says, "...redistribution of wealth is the path to more socialism and to more of the government controlling people's lives." What he didn't say was that he has a redistribution of wealth plan himself. He and his pals want it all. He would prefer that we not argue with him about this. He also expects us to like struggling to pay the electric bill and being driven into bankruptcy because our health insurance dropped us at the first sign of real trouble.

Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sheldon is also busy trying to buy the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Initially he bet on the wrong horse, pouring $20 million into a pro Gingrich super pac. Now he is trying to make amends. Recently he gave $10 million to the pro Romney super pac "Restore Our Future." There are wild rumors that he is willing to spend upwards of $100 million to assure himself a large chunk of Romney's ass once he wins the election. These are stunning figures, but then he is worth $24 billion with more coming in every day from casinos in Vegas and Macau.

Those less polite than myself would call this outright bribery and honestly, even as I try to remain civil I keep picturing the last scene of the movie Quo Vadis. As the camera pulls back the Praetorian Guard is selling the Emperorship of Rome to the highest bidder.

Republican Senator John McCain is not comfortable with all this spending either. McCain was quoted as saying on PBS News Hour, "Much of Mr. Adelson's profits come from his casinos in Macau. Maybe in a round about way foreign money is coming into American political campaigns." He went on to say, "That is a great deal of money and we need to go back to the realization that Teddy Roosevelt had, that we have to limit the flow of money and that corporations are not people."

For those with a short memory, or little taste for politics in a speech at the Iowa state fair last year Mitt Romney said, "corporations are people, my friend."

Of course the Raging Right has never had much use for McCain. They would have preferred the brain dead Sarah Palin to him. Besides, he is the guy who lost to Barak Obama. It is a sin so terrible that he will forever have to walk the streets of Washington ringing a bell while calling out, "unclean, unclean!"

It has been a strange and grotesque seven days. Locally there is more than a little speculation that the shooting death of Kelsey Bransby was simply a tragic and stupid accident. There seems to be no movement toward a trial of those suspected of the brutal murder of Carina Saunders. Both police and press are completely mum regarding the death of Alina Fitzpatrick.

Up in Centre County Pennsylvania the trial of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky continues. Yesterday a witness described more disturbing encounters with the old coach who liked to call himself, "the tickle monster." That revelation sent the needle of the Captain Howdy Creepy Meter right to the top, not that other emerging details haven't all ready.

Yes, it may be a good time to kick back with a few Samuel Adams' and a steak cooked just a shade less than medium rare. The feeling is that it is going to be a summer of turmoil. That awful carnival known as the George Zimmerman trial will be rolling into town and the presidential campaign will be heating up. It is highly likely more cannibal zombies will wander the streets eating the homeless, especially during the republican convention.

In the end it appears the Latin phrase, "semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat," explains it all.

Now for that beer.


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