Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama Believes It Will Be Romney And The President Comes To Town

While we await the results from today's Illinois primary one thing has become perfectly clear. The Obama people are convinced Mitt Romney will be the nominee of the republican party. I receive one or two emails from them a day. No, I don't  have their ear, they come flowing in because I gave them $25. Trust me, if you do that you'll get the same emails.

The content of the emails assail Romney on many fronts. The latest, that his pals at Bain Capital have invested heavily in a Chinese company that makes surveillance cameras and systems. This enables the powers that be to  keep an Orwellian eye on the masses. According to the email Romney's blind trust receives profits from this little buy in and it is rather at odds with his charges that the current administration is soft on Chinese political oppression. Not to mention the fact that Romney had promised to divest himself of all investments that conflict with his political views. Of course the problem there is that the governor has no set political values. His political and social philosophies shift dramatically depending on poll numbers and or the audience he is speaking to. It is just one of the reasons that, other than Florida, he can't buy a win in the south.

Puerto Rico probably began the writing on the wall. He picked up all twenty delegates from the island and should win easily in the home of Lincoln. To be honest though the white house seemed to instinctively know the republicans wouldn't self immolate by nominating someone like Rick Santorum, or Newt Gingrich. After all look at what happened to Goldwater back in 1964. And Santorum and Gingrich make Barry look like an absolute statesman.

No, the emails don't even mention those two terrible little ferrets. Nor do they take into consideration the hapless Ron Paul. They are all about the Mitt.

Meanwhile Obama himself is flying into Oklahoma City tomorrow. He will speak in Cushing about the Keystone pipeline. The crowds he will draw are sure to be hostile and probably embarrassingly vocal. Four years ago the president didn't carry a single county in Oklahoma. Oklahoma conservatives consider him nothing less than the Anti Christ. Their level of disrespect and boorish rhetoric paints a portrait of xenophobic loathing that cannot be reasoned with unless you are packing a can of mace and a Louisville Slugger. My wife refuses to put an Obama bumper sticker on her car because she is certain a brick will come through the windshield in some parking lot. When I was driving around with an Al Gore sticker on my vehicle years ago I was routinely given the finger by all manner of strangers.

Yes,  they are an ugly lot, many of them racist to the core despite public denials. Logic and temperance have no place in their outrage.To paraphrase a line from the late 1960's, if you aren't part of their solution, you are part of their problem. The only thing Obama can hope to gain from this trip is stunning video proof of all the white hot hatred and unleashed slurs. The outright savagery that will be on display might help galvanize his staff and volunteers through out the rest of the nation. Show the opposition in all its toxic evil to prove what we're up against once and for all. Rally the troops with the challenge, "is this who you want running the country?"

Indeed, it might work. One can only hope.


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